Choose 3 posts from the Zoella Instagram page from after September 10th, 2018.

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@zoesugg Instagram

Research task: What is a ‘parasocial relationship’? How does it link to celebrity culture? Read this for some ideas:

The Zoe Sugg page is to deal with ‘selfies, dog pictures and the occasional food flat lay’.

The focus has shifted to a more ‘personal’, apparently transparent tone – e.g. 29th birthday party under ‘29’ link, ‘S*** My Boyfriend Buys’, trip to NYC.

The initial self-descriptor as ‘pug mother’ creates a sense of personalisation and the posts are more socially aware – e.g. the warnings about social media and trolling.

There is a sense of the confessional and a strong focus on parasocial interaction – ‘After feeling like I couldn’t open up or be my truest self online for a long time…’

This post from February 2019 made the news because of its reference to Imposter Syndrome:

However, there are still heavily styled photos with clickthrough links to where to buy the items, and the page contains links to:

  1. The ‘Fruit’ Zoella Beauty collection
  2. The book ‘Cordially Invited’
  3. The Brunch Date Collection (Colour Pop Collaboration)

Audience research task: Interview 3 other people in the class. Does the above content make Zoella seem more ‘relatable’ or ‘authentic’? Why? Pick out specific details to explain your reactions.

Are their reactions to the Zoella content similar or different?