Pair discussion: What might be some of the advantages and disadvantages to being a Youtube/Instagram star? What controversies with social media stars do you know about? What did the ‘star’ do/say? What were the consequences? What’s your opinion of their behaviour?

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Suggested Response:

Ymateb Awgrymedig:

Use your students’ own knowledge to discuss and thought-shower responses to the question.

So where has Zoella gone?


  • She has maintained her YouTube pages Zoella and More Zoella.
  • There are weekly vlogs on YouTube.
  • She has focused her social media presence on Instagram. This has been carefully managed since September 10th, 2018. Summer 2019 statistics suggest she is able to charge up to £16,000 per post, making her the 5th on the Instagram ‘Beauty’ Rich List.
  • Zoella's estimated net worth has increased from last year to £2.5 million (as of April 2019).